Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Limited (in liquidation) (“the Company”). The Company, affairs and property are being managed by the Joint Liquidators, Richard Fleming, Mark Firmin, Carl Bowles and Ben Cairns



Department: Execution & Construction Department

Company: J&P (Saudi Arabia) Ltd.

Document Number: 009

Reports to: Project Manager

Job Summary: Oversee and support Section Engineers and program issues



  • Participates in the Project “kick-off” meeting and assists in the planning of the Works in co-ordination with the Project Manager;
  • Assists the Project Manager in the preparation of the Programme of Works, the Project Quality Plan and other documents required by the Contract and in accordance with the requirements of Company Procedures.
  • Responsible for the general planning of the Works on site in co-ordination with the Planning Engineer and in accordance with the requirements of P410 Project Management;
  • Determines the staff, labour, plant and material requirements and informs the Project Manager in accordance with P120 and P410. He makes sure that they are made available on site so that the programmed activities are carried out efficiently and correctly;
  • Identifies the peculiarities of the Contract and makes the necessary arrangements so that every deadline on the approved Programme is met;
  • Responsible for familiarising himself with all correspondence regarding the Project particularly as regards correspondence with the Client/Engineer. All Instructions issued by the Client/Engineer are received by the Project Manager who channels them for action as necessary to the Construction Manager and the other members of the Project Supervisory Team;
  • The Construction Manager is responsible for keeping himself up-to-date with all matters pertaining to the Project for the following main topics;
  • Financial and administration;
  • Labour and Staff issues;
  • Material and Plant requirements;
  • Implementation of QESH Management System requirements;
  • Supervises the execution of the Works on site delegating specific functions and tasks to the site supervisory staff as per project organisation chart. 
  • Makes sure that the Works are set out on site correctly and in a timely way;
  • Initiates costing exercises on site in cooperation with other supervisory staff, informs the Project Manager of the cost of various operations and participates at regular meetings where specific corrective steps are planned.
  • The Construction Manager is in continuous contact with the Chief Quantity Surveyor for the preparation and submission to the Client/ Engineer of the monthly valuation as well as any claims arising during the execution of the Project;
  • The Construction Manager is in direct daily contact with the Section Engineers/Site  engineers and supervises the methods of construction and the running of the Project;
  • The Construction Manager is responsible for the implementation on site of the QESH Management System requirements for the Project as per the Project Quality Plan and Health and Safety Plan;
  • The Construction Manager, in cooperation with the Engineers, prepare the  Reinforcement Drawings and Bending Schedules, as necessary, and submit these to the Client/Engineer for approval;
  • Supervises the Safety Programme in liaison with the Site HSE Officer. In cooperation with the Section Engineers/Engineers and Foreman he makes sure that all safety precautions are taken on site to comply with the Health and Safety Manual and any particular Specification requirements;
  • The Construction Manager in coordination with the Project Manager is in direct contact with the Plant Manager and discusses plant requirements and resolves any problems arising from the use of plant and equipment;
  • Keeps a record of site activities, events and other important information in the form of a Site Diary;
  • Performing any other tasks as assigned by the Project manager.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Excellent planning and organization skills;
  • Ability to communicate with senior level management in addition to technical personnel;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, with an ability to express complex technical concepts in business terms;
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and conceptual skills;
  • Good project management skills, operating as part of a team organizing, planning, and executing large-scale and complex projects;
  • Strong interpersonal skills; ability to work well on cross-functional project teams and foster team commitment to tasks;
  • Ability to manage staff efficiently and to provide guidance and development plans for them;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English;
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office programs. 


Educational Qualifications and Experience:

  • BSc qualification in engineering;
  • Minimum 15 years of experience in construction of major projects with 7+ years of previous experience in similar roles;
  • Broad knowledge of the construction phases; including tendering, planning, management and control, operational control, cost control and project delivery/completion.