Joannou & Paraskevaides (Overseas) Limited (in liquidation) (“the Company”). The Company, affairs and property are being managed by the Joint Liquidators, Richard Fleming, Mark Firmin, Carl Bowles and Ben Cairns



To achieve sustainable long-term growth and enhance our reputation as a leading international contracting and engineering company, through utilizing our accumulated knowledge and expertise to surpass the high expectations placed upon us by our clients and partners.

To achieve our long-term strategic goals we are focusing our business development on four pillars that will enable us to achieve our strategic objectives:

Increase our momentum in our current markets of operation:

Our long-standing presence and knowledge of our core countries of operation, places us in an advantageous position to follow the latest developments and evaluate opportunities as they occur in these markets. We carefully select suitable projects that will contribute to our growth and further enhance our market position.

Crossing borders into new markets:

We continue to monitor neighboring and other countries as part of an ongoing process to identify suitable opportunities to enter new markets. We concentrate on investigating new countries’ economic and infrastructure profiles and plans, in order to identify markets with long-term growth potential.

Diversify into other construction related activities:

 We examine opportunities in fields and business models closely related to our core construction business. This will enable us to further diversify our range of activities and income stream.

Long-term client relationships:

Strategic client relationships are an important factor in the success of our group to date. Such relationships are the source of considerable repeat business and allow the creation of much closer mutually beneficial working relationships between contractors and clients. Maintaining and reinforcing existing strategic, as well as developing similar relationships with new clients is one of the priorities of our Group.

We are confident that by concentrating our endeavors on the above, we will achieve our long-term growth targets and thus secure the continuing success of our group.  


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