The ingredients of success in any business venture are not easy to define in isolation.  Business demands innovation and success in business is not possible without persistence and determination, without insight and intuition, without a sense of timing and proportion, without good public relations and without devotion to the business itself.  Of these ingredients, by far the most important is the last one, the love and respect that one has towards a task, which by itself sparks off and creates all the other qualities that are essential for success.

J&P was fortunate that it started off with a group of professionals who really loved the business of contracting and were driven by enthusiasm and dedication to perform a task really well.  Although established in the formidable years of the Second World War, they tackled the adversities and brought to the works undertaken a positive attitude which actually transformed each job into something greater by focusing on real performance rather than looks, in true accomplishments rather than appearances.  These were the loyal pioneers who by constantly testing the edge and by daring to undertake any ventures in the construction industry have created for J&P an overall ongoing reputation of competence, effectiveness, maturity and fair minded toughness in competition.  People within a company tend to pick up many of the characteristics of the management and it is no wonder that the new generation of professionals within J&P are very much in the footsteps of the original pioneers, striving passionately for consistency of performance, growth within the organization and innovation in their work.

Results speak better than words.  J&P started with the best, learned from the best, expanded gradually and solidified its expertise all the time understanding more the importance of training rather than hiring.  Now it holds firmly one of the topmost positions on the list of international contractors which have been assessed for volume of construction work carried out in their overseas operations.

But the better our results are, the greater is our cause for concern not to take solace in our success, not to become complacent and not to lose our competitive edge.  Quite the contrary, our success shall only form for J&P a spur for further achievements and will increase our determination to strive for even better performances in the construction industry.